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Bio Wash

The Bio Wash is a modular washing unit, which can be expanded from a two-seater to create a washing island with as many places as you require and with or without massage.

The Bio Wash is equipped with a deep, adjustable basin which features an integrated hand shower and removable siphon. An optional rubber neck support offers extra washing comfort. The Bio Wash features integrated spaces for inventory and waste. The shallow draws mean folded towels and hair foil can be kept close by and used whenever necessary. The wide lower drawers are ideal for storing shampoo, conditioner and other supplies. The narrow drawers of the Bio Wash are able to conceal two bins, which can be used for general waste and wet towels.

The “Push to open” drawers feature a ‘soft close’ fastening and can be opened with your elbow or knee. This means you can keep your hands free to serve your customers.

Bottles of shampoo and conditioner can be placed next to the wash basin, on a removable and easy to clean stainless steel grid.  Available with: o Electrically adjustable leg section

o Shiatsu massage combined with electrically adjustable leg rest

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